Stacy Sims

Stacy SimsDr Stacy Sims, MSC, PhD, is an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist working as a Senior Research Fellow at Waikato University’s Adams High Performance Centre. Her research delves into understanding the sex differences of heat and/or altitude stress, recovery, genetics, and nutrition to moderate adaptive responses for performance.

She works with some of New Zealand’s top sports teams, researching and applying practical sport science to elite professional athletes including: implementing specific cooling and heat adaptation strategies; hydration practices; and overall nutrition to improve performance outcomes and overall health. She then applies modifications of elite athletic practices to obese and/or sedentary individuals; improving exercise tolerance and overall clinical outcomes.

Stacy has co-founded several sports hydration companies, and has been touted as creating the new sports nutrition niche of low carbohydrate, electrolyte functional hydration. She is also the author of ROAR, a comprehensive, physiology-based nutrition and training guide specifically designed for active women.