Marianne Elliott

Marianne ElliottMarianne Elliott is a mouthy introvert and word geek who helps rally New Zealanders to stand for truth, justice and a kinder way at ActionStation, a new force for Kiwis who believe in a fair and flourishing New Zealand. Her background is varied – trained as a human rights lawyer, she worked in Timor-Leste, New Zealand and the Gaza Strip before going to Afghanistan, where she served in the United Nations.

A slow but enthusiastic runner all her life, Marianne first won a cross-country race at high school because everyone else in Tokoroa was too cool for cross country. Trails are her happy place, and last year, under the influence of RunFest’s Mike Brown and WORMer Catherine Bennett, she ran her first ultra. Earlier this year she was part of the guiding team for blind athlete Mary Fisher’s Tarawera ultra.

For the past few years, Marianne has teamed up with Lauren Fleshman, former U.S. 5k champ, to lead ‘Wilder’ retreats, focused on the joy of running and writing ‘wild’. Marianne is also one half of the team behind La Boca Loca and Boquita. Stories and tacos are her power source, trail running and yoga are her medicine.