Gayle Snyders

Gayle SnydersGayle has been a clinical physiotherapist for 15 years and discovered her passion for the fascial system and the nervous system and how they function. She has applied this knowledge to a wide clinical setting ranging from chronic pain to high performance sports.

Gayle discovered running in high school when she worked out that the only way she was going to get out of compulsory hockey was to do cross country. With a boys only running group at school to keep up with and surrounded by beautiful trails and beaches, fitness turned running into a passion for long distance running.

Gayle suffered from a wide range of overuse injuries, and after studying physiotherapy conceded to conventional wisdom at that time that “running causes injuries” and limped off the trails onto a bike. But the bike was never the joy that running was, and Gayle started a pathway of learning based on her career passions of connective tissue, the nervous system and motor learning and how they
interacted with our biology.

She learned how to run without causing injuries to herself, and how to do this using motor learning pathways, and has great joy teaching others how to use their primal neural patterns so that they can enjoy running for longer. The human body is hard-wired for running with limited individual variance, we just have to “remember” these patterns of movement.