David Driscole

David DriscoleDavid Driscole is probably the only Yoga teacher in New Zealand who can’t touch his toes. He swam, biked and ran competitively for twenty years, shortening every muscle possible. During that time, he started and finished University on crutches, making it hard to wave around his brand spanning new sport science degree on graduation day.

At the age of 26, when he alarmingly discovered he was unlikely to grow any taller, he tried Yoga. Sadly, the poses, meditations and chanting didn’t help him get any more flexible, or grow his hair back. But he did discover that Yoga did improve his running.

David currently oversees Massey Universities sport and recreation services, and is happiest when spending time with his three year old son. He aspires to continue to dominate unimportant 5-6km local running races, and live long and well enough to be a great dad and even fitter grandfather. He dislikes carrots and kindy colds.