The folks behind RunFest are…


Mike Brown

Mike thought about a mid-life crisis when he turned 50, but decided to take up running instead. He though it’d be cheaper than a sports-car or something cliched like that. Ha!

What’s most surprised him is that, somehow, he’s actually enjoying running. Who knew, right? Realising he’s never going to be fast, he decided to go for far and wants to see just what that will mean.

He enjoys trail running about a million times more than road running and yes, he’s read the book ‘Born To Run’ more than once. He’s even run barefoot.

Mike has a love-hate relationship with the Tararuas, enjoys spending time on the trails with his trekking poles, and appreciates the recovery benefits of a good G&T.

When not running, Mike is a co-founder of Webstock and Lil Regie.

Ewa Crazychick (Kusmierczyk)

Ewa is an office worker by day and a trail runner, alpaca enthusiast and wool spinner by night & any other time. She is the mother goose and chief chop chop chopper of WoRM – Wellington Running Meetup. She is always scheming running stuff and will never say ‘no’ to a running related project, provided it’s a bit feral, non-for-profit, and includes some madness. One day she will get her racing mojo back.

Her lifetime running achievements include spending 6 months in a moonboot after breaking her foot after ignoring a fracture for months, surviving the Kepler (and then immediately calling herself an ultrarunner), and banging out more than 66,000 pushups over 12 months in the 365 pushup challenge.

Currently scheming Te Araroa relay  and run over 3,000km on NZ trails while meeting local runners and their communities.

Brent O’Connor

Brent designs cool stuff for a living, and runs when he’s not injured. He usually ends up getting his arm ever so gently twisted into all sorts of running projects. He is also the mastermind behind the 365 pushup challenge, and has not given up on improving his half time yet. Unlike Mike, however, he is more than likely to invest in a sports car when he reaches a mid-life crisis.

He is currently scheming a recce for a country-long trail relay along Te Araroa. But first he will attempt to survive the Aorangi Undulator.